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Our line of botanical beverages feature the very best in the marketplace. We carry K-Chill, Ultra Enhanced Gold, Bali Liquid Gold and Vivazen.

K-Shots are tastiest and easiest way to enjoy Mitra G and the natural bliss they bring.

As the Master Distributor for Expert Botanicals, we offers the best prices and always carry stock, in priority. We carry two distinct strains of mitra g: Maeng Da, for body-feel and energy, and Bali, for relief and relaxation.

We are also the Master Distributor for Kannibal, which features eco-friendly packaging, an excellent price, for this local Austin, TX brand.

Both our mitra g strains: Maeng Da, for body-feel and energy, and Bali, for relief and relaxation.


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Zend of Mind in Houston, Texas, sells all-natural herbal supplements to customers throughout the United States. We offer Mitra G, K-Shots, Vivazen, K-Chill, Ultra Enhanced Gold, Mitra G capsules, and powders to produce a variety of positive effects, including increased concentration, relaxation, minor pain relief, and stimulation.

All of our products come with a guarantee of quick, safe delivery. Whether you are a student, part of the working class, or a senior, our supplements have something to offer you.

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