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Fast-Acting Liquid Medicine Shot for Natural Minor Pain Relief & Sleep Aid

Whether you are sore after a workout or have aches from simply getting older, Vivazen from Zend of Mind in Houston, Texas, eases your pain. Vivazen is a beverage that brings you completely natural minor pain relief, quickly.

Vivazen Pain Reliever 24-Pack Box 

 Vivazen Pain Reliever 24-Pack Box

All-Natural, Powerful Relief
Vivazen is a blend of eight different herbal extracts from around the world. Drink it for a relaxed mental state, sleeping aid and for temporary minor pain relief.

Benefits for Everyone

VivaZen helps thousands of people find natural minor pain relief and sleeping aid. Our customers are nurses, veterans, lawyers, paramedics, police officers, construction workers--they're your neighbors. 

New from Vivazen: Vivazen Pain & Vivazen Sleep - Now Available at Zend of Mind!

Vivazen Pain
Helps provide natural relief from minor muscle pain from everyday activities and exercise

Vivazen Sleep: The natural way to help with occasional sleepless nights. It acts fast and you wake up feeling refreshed. Try before bedtime, an afternoon nap or a long flight.

New VIVAZEN Pain & VIVAZEN Sleep formula is made with Active Plus Extracts™, a proprietary blend of leading edge authentic herbs and extracts formulated and processed just the right way to activate quickly in your body. You will feel it working within minutes.

Returns & Pricing
We provide you with guaranteed safe delivery on all our products, including Vivazen. If your products arrive damaged, we happily take them back. For your convenience, Zend of Mind offers several different-sized packs at low prices:

• 2-Pack - $9.99 • 6-Pack - $29.99 • 12-Pack - $48.99 • 24-Pack - $89.99
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